Closed Corner Samples


We offer the best museum-quality mouldings in the Bay Area.

Peabody Gallery has a beautiful collection of closed corner frames.  Closed corner (or finished corner) frames are finished after joining, resulting in a seamlessly decorated corner. These frames are exquisitely detailed and reflect the ultimate in quality custom framing.  Our closed corner samples are available in hardwood, water gilded / gold leaf, custom-designed acrylic, and more.

Stop by Peabody Gallery to see our selection of closed corner frames!


Part art and part science, Prisma Frames combine engineering ingenuity with a passion for great picture frame design. Peabody Gallery is proud to offer frame designs that spill outside the limits of traditional picture framing. These seamless acrylic frames come in nine different shapes, 46 colors, and 19 patterns. The possibilities are endless – you can create a frame as unique as you are!

Watch this video to see some of the creative options available for Prisma Frames!

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